Decentralized exchange operating on the BSC-ETH-ARB network.


CubSwap decentralized derivative trading protocol. Thanks to CubSwap's partnership with Apollo we achieve high transaction performance and fast response speeds, while ensuring the security and transparency of funds and transactions. We have a great depth of market as well as liquidity.

Architecture and implementation

Users connect their decentralized wallets through the Web3 interface. They will then be able to transfer tokens (ERC-20/BEP-20) to the smart contract for custody and settlement of funds. Once the off-chain ledger is posted, users can use the funds to trade derivatives off-chain and the PnL will be posted to the ledger. After settlement, users can withdraw the funds by calling the smart contract (except the margin occupied by open positions and pending orders).



Trading CubSwap users can enjoy the following benefits

  • Intuitive:
Excellent speed on our DEX. Trade quickly on an easy-to-use platform.
  • Privacy:
No registration required, just connect your wallet and trade.
  • Gas rates
Users can save gas fees by paying miners per transaction.
  • Security
Direct trade without intermediaries. More autonomy in a decentralized environment.
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